Ecommerce Testimonial Pages: 20 Inspirational Testimonial Page Designs

July 18, 2023

Ecommerce Testimonial Pages That Inspire ecommerce testimonial pages

Online consumers crave reassurance and trust when making purchases.

Testimonials from satisfied customers—particularly family, friends, or those within one’s social network—have proven to be a powerful influence in sales:

This form of user-generated content (UGC) can be a major boon to your conversion rate, and we’ll show you how to maximize it through ecommerce testimonial pages.

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What is a testimonial page?

A testimonial page is a dedicated section of your ecommerce website that showcases your customers’ reviews, feedback, and endorsements.

Think of it as a platform where consumers can share their experiences and opinions about your products and services.

For ecommerce brands in particular, a testimonial page presents a valuable opportunity to build trust and credibility among potential customers.

4 Key elements of an ecommerce testimonial page

Before building a page, you need to learn and incorporate the various components that make for an impactful ecommerce testimonial page.

1. Compelling quotes

Captivating quotes are your most important elements because they grab the consumer’s attention.

They’re first-hand accounts from satisfied customers validating your brand’s credibility.

Be sure to feature a diverse and influential collection of testimonials that explicitly display the positive experiences people have had with your offering.

2. Strong attribution

Each testimonial should also include the customer’s name and relevant details. For example, you may want to include their:

  • Company: For B2B sales, the company a reviewer is with also shares credibility, and that the said company trusts your product enough to attach their name to it.
  • Role: Another one common in B2B sales, the job title of the reviewer can reveal in which capacity they likely used the product.
  • Location: Regional purchases may make a difference for shoppers who are looking for a country-specific product.
  • Purchase: Consider listing which item a customer bought and is reviewing.
  • Any other tidbit relevant to your audience

That information makes them more authentic and relatabletwo characteristics that heavily impact marketing today.

3. Visual content

Include visuals as well, such as photos of those who provide reviews.

Videos are even more effective, as they can go more in-depth about how your brand fits into your customers’ lives.

This not only makes your testimonial page more visually appealing but also drives conversions and enhances authenticity:

4. Call-to-action (CTA)

Finally, a well-designed testimonial page should include a clear and compelling CTA.

This will direct visitors toward your desired action, like making a purchase or signing up for your newsletter.

Be sure to personalize your CTA to match your audience’s interests—research has found tailored CTAs perform 202% better than generic ones.

How testimonial pages benefit ecommerce brands

five stars on color background ecommerce testimonial pages
Image: Unsplash

Constructing a detailed testimonial page can deliver multiple advantages for your ecommerce brand, which we’ve broken down below.

Build trust

Testimonials provide social proof, showing potential customers that others have already had stellar experiences with a brand’s products or services.

And, since they’re more likely to believe in recommendations from other people than your branded marketing efforts, this fosters trust and confidence in buyers.

Establish credibility

The key testimonial page elements outlined above strengthen your brand’s authenticity and, when curated well, give your credibility a nice boost.

The first-hand accounts from happy customers validate your claims and prove you’re a reputable and reliable option.

Drive conversions and revenue

We’ve touched on how testimonials increase conversions by compelling people to make a purchase after seeing others satisfied with a product.

This effect obviously impacts your brand’s earning capabilities as well. In fact, the regular use of customer testimonials can help you generate around 62% more revenue!

Support decision-making

Testimonials reveal insights from customers who’ve had personal experiences with your offering’s performance, features, and benefits.

That information helps potential customers make informed choices and select the right products or services for their needs.

Improve search engine optimization (SEO) and boost traffic

The final key benefit of testimonial pages is they’re great for SEO and growth of your organic traffic. Here are some statistics that back up this claim:

Additionally, reviews provide various types of content from satisfied customers that are highly relevant to potential buyers’ interests, which holds their attention for longer.

What types of testimonials can you include on a testimonial page?

like socials image ecommerce testimonial pages
Image: Unsplash

Now, let’s delve into how you can gather testimonials and what types you can incorporate into a dedicated page.

Brands can easily obtain testimonials through typical methods like:

  • Directly requesting them from customers
  • Incentivized programs
  • Social media engagement
  • Third-party review platforms

You can showcase various types of testimonials on your landing page, such as:

  • Text reviews. These are detailed, written product reviews from customers who have purchased and used your offering. You can incorporate star ratings and photos as well.
  • Video reviews. These visual testimonials allow customers to share their experiences more explicitly through recorded videos.
  • User-generated content. UGC can involve mediums like text, images, and videos customers share on social media to show their satisfaction with your brand.
  • Case studies. Case studies expand upon testimonials and concrete performance metrics, providing more in-depth accounts of how customers benefited from your offering.
  • Publication quotes. These are positive mentions or reviews of your brand or product published through reputable platforms but may involve directly reaching out to them.

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20 Best testimonial page examples from top ecommerce brands

Now that you have a stronger understanding of testimonial pages, here are 20 examples to serve as inspiration before designing your own.

1. Flow

flow testimonial page ecommerce testimonial pages

Flow focuses on engaging videos of beekeepers who’ve greatly enjoyed the brand’s hives. Each one depicts a customer talking about Flow and how it’s affected their lives.

Then, the CTA at the bottom compels visitors to leave their email in exchange for a beekeeping guide, which shows them how to start their own fulfilling journey with Flow.

This is a powerful way to engage potential customers for the longer sales journey that this more expensive product requires.

In this example, we can see that Flow puts more emphasis on getting visitors into their email newsletter for further nurturing rather than pushing a big purchase upfront.

2. Good Trouble Pets

good trouble reviews page ecommerce testimonial pages

Good Trouble Pets adopted a streamlined design that features their customers’ visual assets, effectively highlighting images and videos alongside ratings, quotes, and attributions.

good trouble image review ecommerce testimonial pages

Clicking on a testimonial reveals further details and presents an easy path to visit the featured pet product page.

good trouble product page ecommerce testimonial pages

Finally, shoppers can place the item in their cart and proceed straight to checkout.

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3. Bridgewater Candle Company

bridgewater candle reviews ecommerce testimonial pages

Following the same principle as the others, Bridgewater Candle Company focuses on star ratings, images, attributions, and brief quotes.

bridgewater product page ecommerce testimonial pages

Their page maintains an on-brand color scheme and speeds up the purchase process by letting shoppers click the reviewed product to visit its page.

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4. Ariel Rider Ebikes

ariel rider reviews ecommerce testimonial pages

Ariel Rider Ebikes employs a straightforward design for their page.

The number of reviews per star rating is visible at the top, while they aim to gather more feedback from customers by requesting they “Write a Store Review” in the CTA.

ariel rider image reviews ecommerce testimonial pages

Most reviews are direct and concise, but some are longer to provide a full explanation.

We can clearly see the customer and the product they bought within each review, sometimes with a photo or video.

ariel rider product page ecommerce testimonial pages

For added convenience, clicking on a testimonial takes visitors straight to the featured ebike’s page, allowing them to learn more about it and make your purchase seamlessly.

5. Waterlust

waterlust testimonial page ecommerce testimonial pages

Waterlust’s testimonial page shares some similarities with the previous example. It showcases clean boxes with star ratings, the name of the reviewer, a short heading, and the review text.

They also have verified badges, adding credibility to ‌reviewers’ feedback.

The key difference, however, is that it prominently features Instagram posts from satisfied customers right at the top of the reviews page.

Hovering over an image will reveal an Instagram icon, and clicking on them reveals the contributor’s photo, caption, Instagram handle, and the date of their post.

waterlust ugc on page ecommerce testimonial pages

One of the best things about this feature is that when clicked, the visitor stays on the Waterlust website, and can shop the product in the photo directly from the CTA.

waterlust product page ecommerce testimonial pages

Clicking on the CTA takes visitors to the reviewed swimwear’s page, where they can select their size and continue to checkout. This is a powerful use of UGC and an excellent way to tie social proof to a purchase journey.

#cta-paragraph-pb#Waterlust uses to manage and pull together their reviews. Shogun Page Builder now integrates with this powerful tool, making it easy for brands to build this sort of praise into their testimonial pages.

6. Unbreakable Memories

unbreakable memories testimonials ecommerce testimonial pages

Unbreakable Memories takes a minimalistic approach, focusing on:

  • The reviewed piece of clothing or jewelry
  • Its star rating
  • An attention-grabbing subject line
  • A concise review
  • Proper attribution
unbreakable memories product page ecommerce testimonial pages

Then, each testimonial takes visitors to a product page where they can buy the mentioned item.

7. PPJoe

PPJoe Pop Protectors ecommerce testimonial pages

PPJoe’s approach is simple in concept, showcasing a photo of the customer’s purchase, complete attribution, a star rating, and a short testimonial.

It also states whether the reviewed Funko Pop or protector is in stock and lets people sign up for email updates at the bottom.


bleu eco page ecommerce testimonial pages’s page features diverse elements, from star ratings and short quotes to clickable photos that take shoppers to pages for the brand’s popular mattresses and beddings.

bleu eco press ecommerce testimonial pages

It even showcases publications that feature and photos from their satisfied customers.

9. RasPad

raspad customer images ecommerce testimonial pages

RasPad’s Buyers’ Showcase is extremely plain on purpose—the design is intended to target a very specific customer base: Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

RasPad is a portable Raspberry Pi tablet designed for convenience and functionality. According to their website, their product is “tailored for you to start making immediately and working efficiently.”

Although they don’t have reviewers talking about how easy it is to use, they chose to showcase a series of images submitted by their customers, so shoppers can visualize all the different ways they might use the tablet themselves.

In the photos, we can see the tablet can be used to monitor the weather, manage a sound table, design floor plans, work, browse the web, and play games.

10. PLAATO Pro

plaato pro ecommerce testimonial pages

Beer brewer’s around the world enjoy PLAATO’s data-driven brewing solution, and they’re proudly displayed on the brand’s testimonial page, where photos, strong attribution, and compelling quotes are a staple.

plaato customer story ecommerce testimonial pages

The brand even lets browsers read in-depth stories about the awesome benefits PLAATO Pro provides their brewery customers.

11. Navan Skin Care

navan reviews page ecommerce testimonial pages

Navan Skin Care’s page might be the most minimalist example on this list, emphasizing star ratings, quick subject lines, short quotes, and verified buyer badges.

This testimonial page makes for easy skimming thanks to short, punchy reviews.

Since it mentions a buyer’s specific purchase, this also helps potential customers looking for reviews on a particular product they are researching.

12. Fourth Frontier

Fourth Frontier Testimonials ecommerce testimonial pages

Fourth Frontier curates video testimonials from accomplished athletes and professionals who praise the company’s heart monitor.

They even mention how they use the Frontier X2, introducing various use cases.

You’ll notice that one of their primary CTAs is to “Book A Demo,” showing that this product sees a longer buyer journey. Each video testimonial helps to shorten that decision-making process by showing real people, including athletes, using it in their everyday lives.

Something nice about this page is that each video testimonial has a short quote beneath it that highlights the benefits of the product.

This page caters to those who want to skim and read some quick highlights, as well as those who are looking to buy and want to do more in-depth research by watching videos and how others use the product.

13. Unrefined Riches

unrefined testimonial page ecommerce testimonial pages

Unrefined Riches’ approach is similar to previous examples, wherein they emphasize the key testimonial page elements we’ve discussed so far.

revivogen review image ecommerce testimonial pages

Clicking on a review expands it, and pressing the CTA underneath takes readers to the reviewed product’s page.

unrefined riches product page ecommerce testimonial pages

Purchasing the reviewed hair or skin care product is then made easy, with buying options (including bundles) prominently displayed.

14. Viviva Colors

viviva colors reviews ecommerce testimonial pages

The testimonial page for Viviva Colors includes skimmable headlines per testimonial, a star rating so viewers get an idea of the products at a glance, images showing the purchased item, and a verified buyer badge per testimonial to add credibility.

As an added usability bonus, each testimonial links to the reviewed watercolors for quick purchase.

viviva 10 percent cta ecommerce testimonial pages

However, it excels best at presenting an attractive CTA, which asks you to subscribe to Viviva’s newsletter in exchange for a 10% discount on your first order.

15. SaunaSpace

saunaspace reviews lp ecommerce testimonial pages

SaunaSpace showcases testimonials from successful professionals in medicine and athletics.

They boast strong attribution from big names such as an NFL Super Bowl Champion and Olympic Swimmer, which lends to the brand’s credibility.

Each testimonial also comes with a photo of the reviewing individuals.

saunaspace expert article ecommerce testimonial pages
Image: Chris Kresser

Each testimonial links to the expert’s website as well, where their content touches more on the benefits of sauna therapy.

saunaspace ugc ecommerce testimonial pages

Below, visitors can find more testimonials from various SaunaSpace customers, all of which point to specific product pages where purchases can be made.

saunaspace product page ecommerce testimonial pages

16. Skullpaper

skullpaper happy customers ecommerce testimonial pages

Skullpaper’s Happy Customers page showcases UGC from happy buyers, primarily Instagram posts.

skullpaper ugc ecommerce testimonial pages

Like the other examples, clicking on one expands the testimonial and its accompanying image, quote, and attribution. It also displays the product, accompanied by a “Get Your Offer” CTA.

skullpaper product page ecommerce testimonial pages

Clicking it then takes visitors to the featured item’s page, where they can begin the purchase process.

17. Revivogen

revivogen customer stories ecommerce testimonial pages

Revivogen prioritizes showing off the effects of their hair loss products by highlighting quotes, attribution, and before and after pictures from people who’ve experienced the brand’s offering.

revivogen before after ecommerce testimonial pages

Browsers can also watch a video testimonial further down the page, while a form encourages other satisfied customers to share their stories.

revivogen user trial ecommerce testimonial pages

Revivogen’s own addition, meanwhile, lets visitors view user trial results that further strengthen the company’s credibility.

18. SRVS

srvs happy customers ecommerce testimonial pages

SRVS launched a Happy Customers page that functions similarly to other similar examples in this list.

It’s filled with testimonials from buyers who are satisfied with the company’s offering, as well as their mission to support military veterans.

hat review srvs ecommerce testimonial pages

When clicked, each testimonial reveals more information. Then, clicking the CTA takes visitors to the item’s dedicated page for a quick purchase.