13 Memorable Examples of Coming Soon Landing Pages That Captivate

July 12, 2023

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A Coming Soon landing page is the perfect way to announce to the world that you’ve got something new coming without jumping the gun and releasing a site, feature, or product that isn’t quite market-ready.

But what makes an effective Coming Soon page? What do they need to include, and what are some best practices for building one?

We’ll cover answers to all of those questions in this guide and dig into 13 examples that demonstrate how to nail the Coming Soon landing page and can provide inspiration for your own.

We’ll cover:

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What is a Coming Soon page?

A Coming Soon page is a placeholder site page that lets prospective customers know you’re preparing to release something, such as a new product or launching a brand.

Coming soon page for gourmend

Brands use Coming Soon pages to create awareness, build hype, and even drive signups and pre-purchases. You might use a Coming Soon page to announce:

  • A new product launch
  • The return of a popular discontinued product
  • A new merch line
  • New supply of a previously out-of-stock item
  • A new website
  • A completely new brand or business

Building a pre-launch landing page isn’t exactly a mandatory thing, but it can deliver some serious benefits.

Why should you use a Coming Soon page?

Obviously, the main reason is to announce to the world that something is coming soon!
But beyond that obvious fact, let’s dig into why you should use a Coming Soon page.

To begin building your marketing list

Coming soon landing pages are a great way to start collecting customer details and building an email marketing list.

For example, say you’re an online cosmetics retailer about to launch a new line of foundations. 

You’re still in production but expect to be able to launch in three months, and you’d like to make a massive impact on sales upon launch.

So, you create a Coming Soon page announcing the upcoming release and run social media ads directing prospective customers to the page, with the goal of collecting the contact details of interested buyers.

Then, when the product is ready to launch, you can get in touch directly with your pre-qualified prospects, maximizing your chance of conversion.

Saks Fifth Ave coming soon page example

To solicit feedback on an upcoming product or feature

You can also use a Coming Soon page to announce a new product or feature for which you’d like to get a bit of customer feedback.

For instance, say your company is a social media marketing platform, and you’ve been developing a new method for audience targeting.

You can use the Coming Soon page to provide a video walkthrough of the product, solicit customer feedback and feature requests, and maybe even invite a select few respondents to trial the new development in beta.

To get a headstart on SEO

If you’re launching a new website or brand, getting your site live ASAP is a good move for building the authority of your domain.

For instance, even though you might not have anything to sell just yet, you could start publishing educational content like guides and blog posts to boost the SEO value of your site.

To promote your social media channels

Lastly, great Coming Soon pages can also be a powerful way to gain more followers on your social media accounts.

You can garner a larger organic following by simply directing your website traffic to your LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter pages. 

Then, your social posts will reach a bigger audience when your product, service, feature, or brand eventually goes live, maximizing the impact of your launch.

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What makes a compelling Coming Soon page?

Here are six tactics to guarantee your Coming Soon landing page gets the results you want.

1. Make it clear to readers what’s coming soon

Mystery can be a great tool for capturing interest, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of clarity.

Instead, when crafting your Coming Soon website landing page, you should focus on relaying a clear message about what your visitors have to look forward to.

Copy like “Something new is on the way” might create intrigue, but it’s unlikely to garner any kind of engagement, such as a signup.

So, instead of trying to capture every viewer, focus on narrowing it down to only relevant, interested viewers.

For instance, rather than a generic message like “New line coming soon,” include some images of the upcoming release and supplement the copy with relevant details. For example: “New boho winter coats coming soon.”

2. Let them know when it’s coming

Once you’ve ticked the “what” box, dive straight into the when.

Give your audience as much context and detail as possible here, ideally by providing a date and even a time for the release.

And if you want to go a step further, add a countdown timer to the page to build a little extra excitement.

WOOOF coming soon page example

In some cases, you might be eager to launch the Coming Soon landing page but don’t yet have a firm date.

In this instance, go ahead and get your page live (it’ll still be useful for creating engagement and traction), and then add your release date as soon as you’ve got it locked in.

#cta-paragraph-pb#Use the countdown timer element as you build your Coming Soon page on Shogun Page Builder to get shoppers excited for the launch.

3. Create intrigue—don’t sell

The best practice for Coming Soon pages is to focus on building intrigue, excitement, and maybe even a little urgency rather than “selling” per se.

Whereas your actual product page will deliver the conversion-focused messaging and product information, your Coming Soon page should make your customer want to learn more and, ideally, be notified when the product finally drops.

This said, there may be instances where you want to lean a little more toward the promotional side, such as when your desired action is to create pre-sales. 

Let your company and page-specific goals guide your direction here.

4. Stick to just one CTA

Coming soon pages are typically fairly simplistic, so you’d do well not to overcomplicate the design with multiple calls to action.

Instead, stick to just a single CTA. 

Decide what the CTA will be before you get to design, and build your page around that single desired customer action.

In most cases, that’ll simply be a “Sign up to be notified” call-to-action button and a single field form for visitors to enter their email addresses.

Bellocq coming soon example

5. Include a way for readers to contact you

You should anticipate that some of your visitors are going to have questions about your upcoming launch.

They might want to know if they should expect shipping delays, whether sizing aligns with your other products, or what to expect regarding pricing, for instance.

This is a great thing for customer engagement. 

You want to keep this fire burning by providing a way for potential customers to get in touch with you. That might be an online chat window on your site, a link to your social profiles, or simply a contact form at the bottom of the landing page.

6. Make your Coming Soon page shareable

Lastly, you should make it easy for interested visitors to share your news with others to broaden your reach and double down on engagement.

All you need to do here is provide a link for them to share instantly to their social media channels and a short piece of copy directing them to do just that.

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13 Examples of effective Coming Soon pages

Let’s look at some examples of effective Coming Soon landing pages to show how they’ve incorporated the six tactics we just walked through.

1. Otclo

This landing page example from Otclo is the perfect embodiment of simplicity in a Coming Soon page design.

OT coming soon page example

The countdown timer is front and center on this landing page, built specifically to create a buzz around the drop date.

This landing page makes it clear to visitors that people with an early access code can access the collection before everyone else. Customers appreciate exclusivity and VIP treatment as it makes them feel valued and special, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Offering the code in exchange for an email address is an excellent way to capture customer details.

2. Depology

This pre-launch page from Depology strikes the perfect balance between intrigue and information.

Depology coming soon page example

The page speaks directly to its target audience with the phrase “Do you love Matrixyl 3000?” The implication is that if your answer is yes, then you’d better throw your email in the box below. 

In order to get customers to this pre-launch page, Depology likely employed social media, orchestrated email campaigns, and targeted ads.

Below the CTA box, Depology briefly describes what’s coming, and gives a little away (but not too much) by obscuring part of the background images used with the CTA box.


This Coming Soon page from WOOOF is a good example of how to launch an upcoming sale.

WOOOF coming soon page example

The page uses the featured image of a fast-selling product that’s part of the upcoming holiday sale and combines this with a countdown clock as a suspense-building tactic.

Interested customers can click through immediately to see the upcoming deals so that once the sale goes live, all they need to do is add the desired products to their cart and head to checkout.

4. Ello

This Coming Soon page from Ello demonstrates how out-of-stock products can be used to build an email list of relevant, interested customers.

ello coming soon page example

Anyone who lands on the product page for their Port 40oz Stainless Steel Tumbler gets directed to the Coming Back Soon page, where they can complete a quick email signup form to be notified once the item is back in stock.

Then, Ello can send out an automated email to direct buyers back to their online store the minute this product is back online. 

To really ramp up sales of the newly returned tumbler, they could provide personalized discount codes to all of these email subscribers.


PURELEI designed a fantastic landing page to announce the official launch of a new collection.

PURELEI coming soon page example

This example is simple but includes all of the essential elements of a great Coming Soon page:

  • Product images to create interest and speak to relevant prospective customers
  • An early-notification email signup form
  • The date the new collection will officially be available

6. Frankie4

This pre-launch landing page from Frankie4 is a little different in that it’s not launching a product but a new ambassador program.

frankie4 coming soon example

This is the perfect example of the need for a Coming Soon page.

Frankie4 might not be ready to launch the program just yet, but they do want to let customers know that it’s in development and that they’re ready to start talking to potential interested parties.

So, once they do kick off their ambassador program, it’ll already be brimming with brand fans.

7. Bellocq

Here’s another example of a Coming Soon page used as part of a pre-launch campaign, this time from Bellocq.

Bellocq coming soon example

This simple yet effective Coming Soon page allows Bellocq to capture customer details and build a valuable mailing list. 

Then, when launch time comes, they can send out relevant, targeted emails focused on conversion.

Plus, take a look in the bottom right corner for one of the key features we discussed above: a quick and easy way for customers to get in touch with the brand.

8. Gourmend

Here, Gourmend uses a Coming Soon page to advertise an upcoming product: Low FODMAP Beef Broth.

Coming soon page for gourmend

A little bit of product-based copy helps customers determine if it’s the right item for them. 

Then, Gourmend follows up with a simple form to fill out, so customers can be notified as soon as the product is available in their online store.


ZITSTICKA uses a simple Coming Soon page here to announce their new acne product.

ZITSTICKA coming soon page example

One of the techniques used here is to capture both an email and a phone number. 

While this could detract from the conversion rate of the page (more fields generally yield lower conversions), this does give ZITSTICKA the opportunity to market to customers via SMS and avoid the noisy email inbox. 

Did you know SMS marketing has some surprisingly impressive results? Check out how you can build connections and drive sales over text.

10. Bluebellgray

This Coming Soon page from Bluebellgray is another example of how to use imagery to create excitement around an upcoming release.

Bluebellgray coming soon page example

Rather than going heavy on the copy, Bluebellgray lets its new stationery line speak for itself with a comprehensive gallery of product images.


Here’s an example of how Coming Soon landing pages can be used to announce a new site launch or refresh.

FORVR coming soon page

This page takes the place of the existing site, meaning visitors can’t access the original content but can sign up to be notified on launch day. 

And until then, let your customers access a waitlist or get early access, so they’ll be reminded when it launches. 

This is a great tactic for creating hype around a new site launch and driving a ton of traffic to a desired landing page on the day the site goes live.

12. Jimmy Fairly

Jimmy Fairly uses the below Coming Soon page to announce the release of an upcoming designer sunglasses collection.

Jimmy Fairly coming soon page

They use a single image to display the entire collection (a great way to maximize the use of space on just one page) and follow this up with an email form fill to capture the details of interested customers.

The whole page uses just four words, but the image says it all.

13. Welleco

Our last Coming Soon page example is from Welleco, an online wellness store that offers beauty supplements like health-boosting powder supplements, herbal teas, and collagen.

With a new product line in the works, Welleco used this landing page to create a bit of buzz and build a relevant list to whom they can market directly once their new line drops.

Welleco coming soon page

What’s unique about this page is that Welleco asks for the customer’s first name, a not-too-intrusive ask that allows them to add a touch of personalization to any upcoming communications.

Coming Soon page FAQs

Still have some questions? Here are five popular FAQs (and answers) about Coming Soon pages. 

How do I add a Coming Soon page?

In Shogun’s visual drag-and-drop website builder, you can quickly pull together a Coming Soon page for Shopify or BigCommerce by:

– Creating a new page
– Selecting from dozens of pre-designed templates
– Add essential features such as email opt-in forms and countdown timers
– Customize the page with brand colors, fonts, and logos
– Add your Coming Soon copy, and publish!

Learn more about creating your own Shopify pre-launch landing page in Shogun here: How to Create a Shopify Coming Soon Page (+ Great Examples).

How do you write a Coming Soon message?

Follow these steps to write a great Coming Soon message:

1. Make it clear what is coming and when
2. Focus on building intrigue rather than selling
3. Include a countdown timer if possible
3. Stick to a single call to action
5. Include a way for your customers to contact you

Should I have a Coming Soon page?

If you have an upcoming product, feature, or brand launch, a Coming Soon page is the perfect way to gain traction, captivate a relevant audience, and build a bit of hype around the upcoming release.

It’s not a necessity, but having a Coming Soon landing page is, in many cases, a good idea.

What is a pre-launch landing page?

A pre-launch landing page is a dedicated website page that announces the upcoming launch of a new product, feature, platform, or brand.

What’s another word for Coming Soon to announce a launch?

Some other ways to word “Coming Soon” include:

– On the way
– Back in stock shortly
– New arrivals
– Coming back soon
– Get notified upon release
– Dropping soon

Get your Coming Soon landing page live now

Coming Soon pages are a powerful way to announce to the world that you have an upcoming product, site, or feature launch without having to release something that isn’t quite ready.

They’re perfect for generating intrigue and hype around an upcoming product drop, and work well as lead-generating devices by way of an email capture form, allowing you to market directly to a relevant, interested audience once the new product or website goes live.

By following the best practices discussed above and by taking inspiration from the 13 Coming Soon page examples we’ve explored, you’ll be well on your way to designing an exciting and high-converting landing page.

Of course, the last thing you want is for your Coming Soon page to become yet another troublesome item on a long to-do list. 

With Shogun Page Builder, you can get up and running quickly with more than 70 landing page templates for Shopify.


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