7 of the Best Ecommerce Homepage Examples From Brands That Crushed It

June 27, 2023

7 of the Best Ecommerce Homepage Examples From Brands That Crushed It ecommerce homepage examples

You won’t find an ecommerce store out there without a homepage. It’d be like a brick-and-mortar shop without a door.

Shoppers need to be able to walk in (figuratively) and assess what you’ve got going on.

There they’ll find signage to point them in the right direction, product photography that builds excitement, and ways to learn more about the brand and what they stand for.

We’ve talked before about how homepages work on the opposite end of the spectrum from landing pages. Where landing pages are like whispering your message to a few people, homepages are your megaphone, spreading the message far and wide.

With this in mind, we’ve assembled seven really great ecommerce homepage examples that give visitors the fullest view of the brand while expertly sending traffic to the right signposts.

See incredible homepage examples from these stellar brands:

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7 Examples of the best ecommerce homepages we could find

We see a ton of incredible Shopify and BigCommerce brands in our work (and we end up buying from a lot of them).

So, we know when stores are phoning it in and when they are doing the work to make their homepages unforgettable.

Here I’ve compiled a few of the very best homepages I’ve come across.

To better understand what it means to keep your homepage fresh, I’m including more than just one version of a few of these brands’ homepages.

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East Fork

Ceramics brand East Fork excels at gorgeous product photography, using evocative props, luscious colors, and striking lighting to elevate their dinnerware.

East Fork above fold homepage ecommerce homepage examples

Their homepage employs these stunning still-life photos—often filling up the whole screen—to draw visitors to view their various product collections or learn more about their brand.

While the images do much of the talking, they use words effectively (if sparingly) to persuade and inform.

Each vibrant image is paired with a straightforward CTA, making the options super clear.

East Fork set the table homepage ecommerce homepage examples

They regularly update their homepage to highlight different products, new collections, or current sales. The page layout stays much the same, but the imagery gives the page a whole new life.

east fork side by side ecommerce homepage examples

Sheet Society

Aptly named bedding brand Sheet Society uses their homepage to evoke a feeling of complete coziness in their visitors.

As you scroll, you get immediate access to collections of interest—from the broadest categories like bedsheets and pillowcases to the more narrow like waffle and flannelette.

Then, a full-page video of a woman being extra comfortable in her bed. Finally, they regale visitors with the unique details of their products that make them so great.

Being an international brand, they have homepages to fit the regions they serve. For example, their Australian homepage features a Summer collection in the header, while their US homepage goes for a more wintry vibe.

Sheet Society above fold homepage january ecommerce homepage examples
Sheet Society above fold US homepage ecommerce homepage examples

Aside from the imagery above the fold and the looping video, the two homepages are the same. This is true of their regular homepage updates within regions as well, making changes to highlight sales or new collections.

Their homepage for their Boxing Day sale (below) was quite similar to the above versions, with the addition of a sale banner between sections.

Sheet Society december homepage ecommerce homepage examples


If you read this blog often, you won’t be surprised to see athleisure brand PANGAIA here.

We love to feature them. In fact, they’re also featured in our examples of product-focused homepages. Luckily, they make regular changes to their homepage as well.

pangaia above fold homepage ecommerce homepage examples

They use lush imagery throughout their homepages, with a focus on nature and models in monochrome.

Scrolling down, you’re met with several unique product collections—from tracksuits and pajamas to their “fungi capsule” and FLWRDWN™ jackets—all accompanied by simple yet persuasive copy.

pangaia fungi capsule section homepage ecommerce homepage examples

From the visuals alone, you get the sense that this is a sustainable brand.

And the curious will find this to be true by clicking through one of the numerous CTAs that explains more about the science and mission behind the brand.

They use a beautifully produced video toward the bottom of the homepage to quickly illustrate the ingenious environmental science behind their products—in one version, they describe their wildflower-based insulation, and in the other, they show off their plant-based leather.

pangaia side by side ecommerce homepage examples

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The Ridge

Everyday carry accessories brand The Ridge uses a muted palette to match their mostly darker-colored product line.

Their photos clearly center the product, and they give many of them extra visual interest by changing or zooming in upon hovering your cursor.

The Ridge above fold homepage ecommerce homepage examples

Like other brands in this post, a major feature of their homepage is their product collections.

Depending on what product imagery clicks with the shopper, they can click the relevant CTA and be transported to the right selection of products.

Without even using the links in the header or footer, shoppers can easily navigate the store from the homepage.

The Ridge collections homepage ecommerce homepage examples

While they update their homepage for sales and new products, you can see that the change is limited to what shoppers see above the fold.

In one version, they use a slider element to show off three different products. In the other, they use the page’s full width to announce their holiday sale and gift guide.

the ridge side by side ecommerce homepage examples

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NxTSTOP Apparel

Travel-centric apparel brand NxTSTOP uses their homepage to great effect, successfully communicating the excitement of exploring beyond the four walls of your home.

NxTSTOP above fold homepage ecommerce homepage examples

They lead with lifestyle photography—people out in the world donning stylish clothing—and link to product collections for you to explore in more detail.

With the pandemic still a major concern, they quickly added a section to the page that leans into their selection of face masks, narrowing them by type of use.

NxTSTOP face masks homepage ecommerce homepage examples

Scrolling further, they use a Z-pattern layout to spotlight three products that span various types of customers, allowing shoppers to click right into the product page.

They finish up with two social proof sections in the form of user-generated Instagram posts and quotes from happy customers.

As they make changes to their homepage, the basic layout remains much the same, swapping out imagery and featured products and collections to fit their needs.

nxtstop side by side ecommerce homepage examples


This subscription vinyl record seller delivers an uninterrupted scroll of gorgeous design and photography on their homepage.

Since they have one central product offering, they are able to treat this page more like a landing page, allowing visitors to sink into it like a warm bath.

VinylBox Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service above fold ecommerce homepage examples

Instead of beginning with a distinct above-the-fold section, you are presented with a gorgeous pink background with a headline that gets right to the point.

From here, you can click straight into building your box or continue on, where it reveals their product in action against the pink wall of this homepage room.

The next set of CTAs are lead by a narrative about the power of vinyl and some social proof from top publications.

VinylBox Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service mid top ecommerce homepage examples

For those that keep scrolling through, they get a detailed explanation of what each box contains with a new CTA calling out that subscriptions start for as little as £34, a huge savings from retail prices.

VinylBox Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service mid bottom ecommerce homepage examples

The page just keeps going, further persuading curious potential customers of the value they offer. It continues by going through how their curation and subscription works, followed by the gushing praise they get on Trustpilot.

VinylBox Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service end ecommerce homepage examples

To put a bow on it all, they show off recent VinylBox collections that you can explore in detail. A final CTA is paired with extra reasons to choose VinylBox, which are quite compelling.


Casual shoe brand Mahabis doesn’t go long with their homepage, but it still hits all the necessary notes.

To kick it off, they have a carousel hero section, which showcases their various product collections photographed in lively colorful scenes. You can choose to shop any of these collections or go broad to peruse men’s or women’s products.

mahabis slippers – footwear for time well spent above ecommerce homepage examples

Moving down the page, they have a catchy headline that encompasses their mission and the utility of their products.

You can quickly get a look at the top three products for Best Sellers, New In, and Last Chance, by clicking on the tabs for each.

If you were curious about the materials their shoes are made of, you can easily see what’s inside with an interactive image that reveals a shoe sliced in half.

mahabis slippers – footwear for time well spent mid ecommerce homepage examples

The image invites you to imagine sliding your feet right in (and never taking them off).

Next up, you can check out their latest blog post or find out more about the brand and what they stand for. As we’ve explored elsewhere, your About Us page is your way to connect with your customers and earn their trust.

mahabis slippers – footwear for time well spent end ecommerce homepage examples

Capping off the page, they flash their social proof credentials in the form of positive quotes from major publications and a stellar star rating from Trustpilot.

Take this inspiration and start building a better homepage

Hopefully, these homepage examples have given you some inspiration to update, or totally rebuild, your store’s homepage.

While not every store does it the same, each homepage is uniquely their own and delivers compelling evidence for why you should shop with them.

Each brand needs to know themselves and the people they are trying to reach. Focus on what your audience needs—easy navigation, persuasive photography, a clear narrative arc, and a connection to who you are.

Even if you don’t get it perfect the first time, you can continue to improve it as you iterate on your homepage with intuitive tools like Shogun Page Builder.

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