May 18, 2022

5 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing For Boosting Conversion Rates

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Abandoned carts are an ever-present challenge that online retailers have to deal with daily, and many are left wondering what’s stopping their leads from making that one last click. While there are many potential answers to that vital question, there are usually two key factors influencing online shoppers’ purchase decisions (or lack thereof): A poor […]

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Sean Flannigan
Managing Editor

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Abandoned carts are an ever-present challenge that online retailers have to deal with daily, and many are left wondering what’s stopping their leads from making that one last click.

While there are many potential answers to that vital question, there are usually two key factors influencing online shoppers’ purchase decisions (or lack thereof):

  • A poor user experience; and
  • A lack of trust in the brand or product

Luckily,  a solid video marketing strategy can give you multiple avenues to overcome those issues and lead to a more active social media presence,  a more effective ecommerce platform, and increased traffic to key landing pages.

In short, great marketing videos like testimonials, animated explainer videos, and culture pieces lead to more conversions.

But how exactly do you get from point A to point B? And what do marketing videos really bring to the table?

In this post, we will look at five key benefits of video marketing and see precisely what makes them such a powerful conversion-generating tool.

Before we get to those benefits, let’s talk about why this type of marketing is so important.

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Why video marketing is a powerful tool for conversions

Video marketing is a type of content marketing. It strives to answer the critical questions throughout the buyer’s journey—from awareness to consideration to decision.

This is called inbound marketing, and it seeks to draw shoppers in naturally by providing informational content that can help them figure out what they need, why they need it, and which product is best for them.

This video explains the concept quite well:

Now that you understand how video fits into inbound marketing, let’s get into those benefits.

5 video marketing benefits to drive up conversion rates

So, we know that video marketing is generally effective, but what are the actual benefits it delivers for your brand?

Here are five of the biggest benefits your brand can get from using videos throughout the buyer journey.

1. Positions your brand as approachable and trustworthy

While many retailers are aware that the pandemic led to a dramatic increase in online shopping across the globe, they also need to consider that it brought a new generation of online shoppers with it.

These consumers require concise product information and won’t—we repeat—will not purchase from your brand unless they trust it.

Another point of contention here is that these shoppers tend to be impatient.

They don’t want to work for reasons to trust your ecommerce store—you have to bring these reasons to them.

That’s one of the key benefits of video marketing! When done correctly, video content excels at educating audiences about your brand and product without overwhelming or confusing them.

Compared to a long-winded block of text talking about your business, an exciting “about us” video on your homepage will get better results every single time.

Aside from using videos on your website and ecommerce platform, video snippets can (and should) be posted via social media to increase brand awareness.

While each business will have varying content needs, these short social videos have a common goal of highlighting unique selling points and moving leads closer to your conversion funnels and sales platforms.

Customers can be made aware that your website sells a product that satisfies their needs, but only once they’ve been convinced to trust your brand will they go through with an actual purchase.

With video marketing, you can bridge that gap.

2. The next best thing to hands-on experience

product page tennis shoes video element hands on experience

Another huge benefit of video marketing worth discussing lies in its ability to showcase your products in a way that no text description or static image ever could.

Online shopping has taught people to scrutinize every detail of what they purchase to ensure they get their money’s worth.

Don’t get us wrongstraightforward descriptions and clear photos are mandatory, especially on ecommerce platforms.

But you can’t expect them to do all the heavy lifting or think they should be enough to move every type of client through to a purchase decision by themselves.

So, many customers end up abandoning their carts in those situations.

With video marketing, you get to create content like product videos, testimonials, and demos that:

  • Educate consumers about your product while keeping them engaged.
  • Clear any confusion that a customer may have about your product.
  • Highlight primary and secondary product benefits and key value propositions.
  • Showcase how your product can satisfy multiple customer needs in real-life scenarios.
  • Improve the overall customer experience with customer delight content.
  • Make your brand stand out as trustworthy and legitimate.
  • Provide reassurance and convince your customers to follow through with their purchase.

And that’s just to name a few of the most standout tasks great marketing videos bring to your strategy! 

It is why you see so many ecommerce stores pairing product listings with videos that inform potential customers and prompt them to make a purchase.

And also why you see platforms like Shogun constantly improving on features that make adding marketing videos to store pages more effortless than ever!

3. Impactful storytelling

Storytelling is a big part of why video marketing has become such a reliable conversion-generating engine.

Popular types of marketing videos—like culture videos or whiteboard animationsare built around the notion of telling your audience compelling stories that not just inform but also motivate them into decision-making.

Storytelling can be adapted based on your video’s purpose, and it’s really up to you and your knowledge of your audience to find what would resonate best with viewers.

What’s more, storytelling can be a boon for generating content for your company’s social media presence.

Social users have a low tolerance for long-winded content, but an intriguing opening and a compelling story is a surefire way to keep them around long enough to deliver your message!

Pair these storytelling-driven video posts with links to key landing pages, and you can direct interested customers straight to your website and generate conversions.

4. Sets you apart from competitors

two product pages one with video and one without competition

Another factor that plays a significant role in influencing a customer’s purchase decisions is competitors in your market with similar offerings.

So, it’s not surprising that one of the standout benefits of video marketing is how it can distinguish your brand as the best alternative around.

Today’s online shopper is more than willing to research (and probably already has) product alternatives by the time they come to your online store.

So how can you leverage video content to help you position your brand as the go-to choice?

Well, there are plenty of ways!

But for now, let’s focus on two that are particularly relevant in terms of improving your conversion rates: discoverability and relatability.

Discoverability through video content

When it comes to your ecommerce store, higher search engine rankings increase click-through rates, which equals more conversions.

So, what better way to get ahead of your competitors than optimizing your video content to rank on SERPs?

Relevant, optimized video content with the right keywords plays an important role here.

Moreover, search engines also use bounce rates to determine which websites to display at the top of the results page. The longer customers stay on one of your pages, the more likely your website is to rank higher.

What better way to hold a customer’s attention and keep them on your platform for longer than with an engaging video?

Relatability through video content

Potential customers are much more likely to do business with a familiar brand, or one that has been recommended, over one that’s unfamiliar.

Online shoppers, especially those in the younger generation, often create content when they are happy after a purchase.

This comes in the form of user-generated videos, like unboxings and product reviews.

These videos can be a goldmine of brand relatability, waiting for you to give them a spot on your store’s social media platforms or outright repurpose them as customer reviews and testimonials.

They are great content pieces to reassure new customers of your brand credibility and convince them to use you as a preferred retailer.

5. Transform social media into a lead generating funnel

Social media is no longer seen as a quirky gimmick used by companies.

It has become an essential tool in building brand awareness and allowing businesses to develop meaningful customer relationships.

So, we can’t speak about the benefits of video marketing without touching on the powerful synergy between social media and video content!

Many online retailers have begun using platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels to showcase their brand offerings.

instagram feed product video

This includes posting bite-sized, memorable videos highlighting product attributes or having employees hop on to current trends.

Instagram reels and TikTok both use unique content algorithms that favor content appeal over a pre-established presence on the platform, so you don’t need thousands of followers for a video to go viral.

That said, knowing how to grow your social media presence doesn’t hurt and can certainly make things easier for you.

Another popular strategy in this niche comes from collaborating with social media influencers to expand your brand’s reach.

These collaborations could be done through brand takeovers, where influencers are paid to engage current and unfamiliar audiences via social media.

Local celebrities or a known personality in your niche can host live videos to discuss special offers, provide promo codes, and showcase your products to their audience.

Last but certainly not least, another significant benefit of video marketing and social media combination comes from paid video ads.

Not only are these eye-catching and engaging, but they can also quickly drive an influx of new potential customers to your store.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram Ads also allow companies to segment and target their audiences with high accuracy, which remarkably improves effectiveness.

Use video marketing to guide customers toward purchase

When it comes to the benefits of video marketing, the list really goes on—there are plenty of other marketing objectives that video can help you with, apart from generating conversions!

However, if we are talking funnel stage transitions and ultimately generating sales, the ones we covered today should give you a solid grasp of what genuinely effective video marketing can do for your online platform.

From leveraging the power of storytelling and social media attention to providing online experiences that get potential clients on board with your platform and confident in making a purchase, adding videos to your ecommerce store is essential to stay ahead!

So, it’s time to start producing those videos and improving your store’s effectiveness with them. After all, those potential customers aren’t going to convince themselves!

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