Shopify Plus: The Benefits of Upgrading to Shopify Plus

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To accommodate the variety of business types selling through their platform, Shopify has created a number of plans offering everything from the most basic to more robust and comprehensive feature sets.

And there is a wide variety of brands working with Shopify. From sole-proprietors selling a single products to global brands like Nestle, MVMT, Red Bull and Tesla Motors.

Shopify Plus family

Granted, small business owners aren’t likely to use Shopify Plus like those global brands. For SMBs, Shopify has carefully tailored plans at a much lower price point.

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Shopify Plan Pricing

To compare Shopify vs. Shopify Plus pricing, you first three “standard” plans that are a solid fit for most customers depending on the needs of the business. Those plans are: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify.

The Basic Shopify Plan – This is the lowest plan available and provides all the basics for starting a new business. At just $29/mo it’s the ideal starter plan for those launching a new eCommerce store for the first time on a smaller scale.

The Shopify Plan – This is the standard plan used by most small- to mid-sized retailers starting out with their first store online (or moving to Shopify) and costs only $79/mo. This plan includes all the basics along with features that a new, growing business needs to continue to scale.

The Advanced Shopify Plan – It’s a bit of a jump to $299/mo for the Advanced Shopify plan but it’s an ideal choice for the growing business who needs advanced features and a platform that will grow with you.

Shopify plans

And then there’s Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level solution designed specifically for high volume merchants that need more features, more functionality, more room to operate, and more control over their online stores.

Shopify Plus Benefits – What You Get With Shopify Plus

As the price increases for each of the Shopify plan a few additional features are added. This changes significantly when you upgrade to Shopify Plus. In fact, Shopify Plus turns over a large amount of control to the user.

Here are some of the biggest features available with a Shopify Plus pricing plan.

Custom Checkout Page

What makes platforms like Shopify so popular is the ease-of-use. The entire shopping cart and store has already been coded and designed. To open a store, the user only needs to customize settings, apply a theme that fits their store, populate the products and content, and launch.

There’s no code required – everything works right out of the box.

Customization of the shopping experience and the store is possible, and brands of all sizes frequently work with developers to add new custom functionality to their stores. The only exception is the actual checkout.

While Shopify allows for a range of visual customizations in the checkout, the standard Shopify accounts do not have access to customize the functionality of the checkout page itself.

For Shopify Plus merchants, the standard two-page checkout can be fully customized, allowing merchants to alter the checkout into a single page, 3-page checkout, or any other variation. This is a great way to create a fully-branded checkout experience and use A/B testing to maximize the conversions of your online store.

Customized checkout

The Launchpad Tool

The Launchpad tool allows you to easily set up and track automated events such as flash sales or product launches. Through the app, a Shopify Plus merchant can schedule things like a start and end date with correlating price changes as the start and end of an event.

Launchpad tool

You can even trigger automatic theme changes during events (great for seasonal website design changes), enable reCaptcha during the sale to limit bot/script use, push products out to specific sales channels, and trigger specific scripts to run.

There’s also a real-time analytics dashboard to track the performance and success of your events.

Script Editor Access

Shopify Plus takes customization to the next level by giving Script editor access to its merchant users.

While normal customization for Shopify stores is typically done with 3rd party apps, the Scripts system allows merchants to develop and write custom scripts that are hosted and run by Shopify. This way you can create your own customized business logic to enhance the checkout and shopping experience. It’s ideal if you need specific functionality but can’t quite find an app that does what you need.

Using the Scripting feature you can create functionality for things like:

  • Percentage based discounts
  • Product bundles and product combination offers
  • Tiered pricing applicable to specific VIP customers or other segments
  • Blocked promotional codes during specific events
  • Modify, hide, or reorder shipping methods and prices or even payment gateway methods
  • Dynamic pricing for volume-based price breaks

Script Editor Access
Source: Burst Commerce

Using line item, shipping, and payment scripts you can implement custom logic and tailor the user experience during a customer’s checkout journey.

Higher API Call Limits

Shopify has a limit on the number of API calls that take place per app used in an online store. In simple terms, an API call takes places when an app takes an action, typically as a result of an interaction between a visitor/customer and your store. Shopify limits the number of calls each app can make per second primarily to manage server load.

For Shopify Plus merchants, who are typically scaling up to much higher traffic volumes, the cap on API calls is doubled.

Access to Wholesale Management

In 2017, Shopify created a new wholesale platform available via Shopify Plus giving merchants the power to run a separate wholesale website from their existing Shopify account.

Wholesale platform

Mobile Store Builder

Creating a mobile-first eCommerce experience is vital considering the number of consumers shopping on mobile (to pass 5 billion by 2019). Search engines like Google even factor mobile-friendliness into search rank.

Load times and site speed on mobile can also impact customer conversion rates.

Site speed
Source: Neil Patel

The Mobile Store Builder allows Shopify Plus merchants to create native iOS and Android apps without having any technical knowledge or code experience. The platform is powered by a template system not unlike the theme system used for Shopify store customization. This will allow merchants to easily create mobile store apps using customizable themes.

Access to Shopify Flow

It’s not easy to keep up with all the little tasks when your store grows dramatically. Managing individual changes to things like customer status become incredibly time consuming when you’re dealing with tens of thousands of customers.

Imagine having to employ someone full time just to track and manage status changes on high-value customers.

Flow is an automation tool for Shopify Plus merchants that allows you to create and managed automated workflows for scenarios just like, and it’s all done without the costs involved with hiring a developer.

Flow automation tool

You can create a range of workflows like:

  • Adjusting product tags based on inventory levels and purchase behaviors
  • Creating a specific triggered action when a risk order is analyzed
  • Add customer tags when customer value increases to track loyalty
  • Republishing products when inventory is back in stock
  • Sending personalized notifications to customers based on specific order/account behaviors

Flow provides the agility that a growing eCommerce enterprise needs to continue to scale while staying productive and managing overhead.

Store Cloning

Shopify Plus merchants gain the benefit of being able to clone their store up to nine times without paying for additional plans. It’s a great way to setup additional stores to support multiple languages for those merchants doing business in other countries.

Expand Your Shopify Horizons with Shogun

With Shogun, you can create any kind of store that you can imagine. It's more flexible than a theme: Shogun gives you all the elements you need to build a store (text blocks, image galleries, call-to-action buttons, etc.), and it allows you to pick which elements you want to use and arrange them however you want on the page. You can even edit the font, background color, and other attributes of each individual element. The possibilities are endless.

It's worth mentioning that Shogun also has a Sync feature, which you can use to quickly copy pages from one store to another. If you have multiple online storefronts, this will save you a lot of time.

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