Iconic brands grow with Shogun

Over 18,000 global ecommerce brands use Shogun to create and optimize exceptional shopping experiences.

Because there are competitors out there who offer a much cheaper alternative, as a brand, we knew we needed more than just a standard landing page for collections or products or things like that. We needed to create an experience so we don’t compete on price alone.

Bryant Garvin
Chief Marketing Officer, Groove Life

“Imagine if your store’s website loaded instantly — no matter the size and complexity of the content; imagine if customers could instantly add anything to their cart from a landing page and be sent directly to checkout; imagine if every page loaded blazing-fast and every interaction with your customers was precisely designed how you want it to be. Shogun Frontend lets you do all of that and edit on the fly from anywhere without code, without the hefty price tag and complicated interface.”

Josh Nash
Chief Marketing Officer

Early data shows that users are spending more time on the site and visiting more pages. Customers can instantly consume more content, explore more of our catalog and discover more about the brand. As a result, conversion rate increases.

Reese Hammerstrom
Director of Ecommerce, Nomad